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spiritual healing,healing,spiritual,natural healing, healing,prayer,natural,energy,holistic,alternative,psychic,faith,divine,prayer,self,illness,common illness,chinese symbol,chinese calligraphy,chinese religion,Buddhism,Taoism, increase energy,black magic,white magic, magic spell, protection, talisman amulet
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spiritual healing,healing,spiritual,natural healing,prayer,natural,energy,holistic,alternative,
psychic,faith,divine,prayer,self,illness,common illness,chinese symbol,chinese calligraphy,
chinese religion,Buddhism,Taoism, increase energy,black magic,white magic, magic spell, protection, talisman amulet

A real treasure is to find a real Master

Although we read the theory and think we understand, can we really prove it in our everyday life. To be able to accomplish this we need the guidance of a real master (teacher). To find a real master willing to teach and train a student is indeed so rare a treasure, with so many false masters, lacking real understanding and accomplishment, it is much easier to be lead along the wrong path.


Uncovering the truth of twenty years of silence

In this article we are also discussing the sad and necessary deaths of Bruce Lee and his beloved son Brandon, we are publishing the statement of 'Living Buddha Lu Sheng Yen' that the fallen stars were indeed murdered. Giving explanations as well as detailed insight into the spiritual side of Kung Fu and life. The voice behind this article is a well known martial artist and spiritual cultivator; Sifu Simon Wong. Interviewing Sifu Wong he answers many questions offering real experiences and true wisdom enabling the reader to benefit from and really learn. Many articles, films, books, etc. have surfaced since the death of Bruce Lee. This article's purpose is not to benefit from Bruce's money but to promote and explain philosophy of great value which Bruce strongly supports. We hope that people, especially martial arts practitioners realise that there is always a higher mountain, it doesn't matter how tough or powerful you might think you are, without following the spiritual path as well as the physical, you can be destroyed or destroy yourself at any moment, it really is that unstable. People who stand out from the crowd or hold powerful positions are especially vulnerable. We only fear the unknown, 'wisdom' gives us the power to sever all chains of 'ignorance', changing all fear and suffering into peace.



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